Hacksaw Ridge – 5/5

“Heroic, awe inspiring story. A must watch film”. – WNDER

This incredible true story, of an American war hero who saved the lives of 75 men without carrying a single firearms, will truly shock and inspire. This hair-raising story won’t disappoint, with an all-star cast and one of Andrew Garfield’s best performances it is a much watch movie.

Cast & Crew:

Andrew Garfield   as Desmond T. Doss

Teresa Palmer   as Dorothy Schutte 

Vince Vaughn   as Sergeant Howell

Hugo Weaving   as Tom Doss

Luke Bracey   as Smitty Ryker

Sam Worthington   as Captain Glover 

Mel Gibson   Director 

Andrew Knight, Robert Schenkkan   Writer (s)

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