Star Wars: A New Hope – 5/5

“Intergalactic Classic, Intergalactic Must Watch”! – WNDER

This science fiction, fantasy film by George Lucas is a intergalactic classic and another WNDER must watch! This completely original movie is timeless with the characters, creatures and storyline George Lucas has created. This now owned disney franchise will outlive us all, and hopefully keep getting bigger and better.

Cast & Crew:

Mark Hamill   as Luke Skywalker 

Harrison Ford   as Han Solo

Carrie Fisher   as Princess Leia Organa

Alec Guinness   as Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi 

James Earl Jones   as Darth Vader

Peter Mayhew   as Chewbacca

George Lucas   Director 

George Lucas   Writer

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