The Martian – 4.5/5

“Mark Watney: Greatest Botanist on the planet or Space Pirate”? – WNDER

This hilarious science fiction & fantasy movie is totally original, and you won’t have seen anything else like it. Matt Damon is great in this very solitude role, giving great one liners as well conveying the huge struggle a head – truly great. This movie has an amazing all-star cast and is a watch for the entire family.

Cast & Crew:

Matt Damon   as Mark Watney

Chiwetel Ejiofor   as Venkat Kapoor

Jeff Daniels   as Teddy Sanders 

Jessica Chastain   as Melissa Lewis

Michael Pena   as Rick Martinez

Kate Mara   as Beth Johanssen

Ridley Scott   Director 

Drew Goddard   Writer 

Image result for the martian

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