Good Will Hunting – 5/5

“Simply perfect, ingenious”. – WNDER

This Academy Awarding film is definitely a WNDER must watch. Amazingly cast with an all star cast, including Matt Damon and Robin Williams, it is a great watch. This completely original and fresh script is academy award winning and is definitely an eye opening film. Don’t read a book by it’s cover, as Will Hunting is a maths genius with a troubled and difficult past.

Cast & Crew:

Matt Damon   as Will Hunting

Robin Williams   as Sean McGuire

Stellan Skarsgard   as Professor Gerald Lambeau

Ben Affleck   as Chuckie Sullivan 

Minnie Driver   as Skylar

Casey Affleck   as Morgan O’Malley

Gus Van Sant   Director

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon   Writer (s)

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